The Executive Board

Our Executive Board meets once a week to organize events, which includes planning the Fall Competition, hosting educational sessions, and teaching the Spring Seminar.


Leah Slaten

Class of 2018 | 6-2 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Interests: Algorithmic trading, High-frequency trading

Leah is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with Electrical Engingeering. She enjoys cooking vegan food, running, sleeping in the woods, and traveling.

Lauren Luo

Class of 2018 | 2-A (Engineering, Mechanical)

Lauren is from Palo Alto, California. She likes music, yoga, running, and playing badminton. 

Meghana Vuyyuru

President 2014-2015 | Class of 2016 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering)

Interests: Algorithmic trading, Fundamental, Long-term

Meghana is a senior from Plano, Texas majoring in computer science and minoring in political science. She has interned at Bridgewater Associates, Cloudera, among others. In her free time, she is an avid cook, baker, and photographer.

Jin Pan

President 2014-2015 | Class of 2016 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering)

Interests: Algorithmic trading, High-frequency trading, Modeling, Platform/systems

Jin is a senior from California who has most recently interned at Google[x]'s Project Loon, where he built a resilient distributed system running above the clouds and designed fault tolerant algorithms.  He has also previously interned at Tower Research Capital and Counsyl genomics.

At Traders@MIT, he architected MangoCore, an in-house trading / market simulation platform, and lead many of the technological efforts.  He has also served as co-president from 2014 to 2015.

Manita Singh

Class of 2016 | 14 (Economics), 18C (Mathematics with Computer Science)

Manita is a senior from San Diego majoring in Mathematics with Computer Science and Economics.

Youyang Gu

President 2013-2014 | Class of 2015 | 6-2 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), 18 (Mathematics)

Interests: Algorithmic trading, Foreign exchange, High-frequency trading, Modeling, Platform/systems

Youyang is a junior from Palo Alto, California, double majoring in EECS and Mathematics. He has been on Traders since freshman year. He grew up in Illinois, and is an avid Bears and Bulls fan. In his spare time, Youyang likes to play basketball, explore Boston, poke around with sport statistics, and collect Starbucks gift cards.

Arman Ahsaei

Class of 2015 | 18 (Mathematics)

Arman is a junior and the captain of the Persian graduate soccer team at MIT intramural tournaments and social chair of the Chi Phi fraternity. He spends his free time studying Mandarin, volunteering and scuba diving. He is a fanatic fan of Manchester United soccer team and a passionate traveler.

Alex Wang

President 2013-2014 | Class of 2014 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering), 18 (Mathematics)

Alex Wang is a senior majoring in 6-3 (Computer Science) and 18 (Mathematics). He grew up in Plano, TX and is a Mavericks and Cowboys fan. In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing poker, basketball, and table tennis.

Oliver Huang

President 2012-2013 | Class of 2014 | 14 (Economics), 18 (Mathematics)

Oliver Huang is a senior double majoring in Economics and Mathematics. He spends his free time not doing Economics and Mathematics.

Vlad Kontsevoi

Class of 2014 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering), 18 (Mathematics)

Vlad is a senior pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Engineering and Mathematics. When trading and problem sets lose his attention, he enjoys cycling, long walks on the beach, and acoustic guitar.

Bonny Jain

Class of 2014 | 6-2 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), 18 (Mathematics)

Bonny is a senior double majoring in EECS and Mathematics.

Luke Chellis

Class of 2014 | 9 (Brain and Cognitive Sciences)

Working on the board since Fall 2010, Luke is a senior in Brain and Cognitive Sciences because market participants participate using their brains. 

Luke likes to mountain bike and to enjoy coffees and teas. 

Aakanksha Sarda

Class of 2014 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering), 18 (Mathematics)

Aakansha is a senior studying Computer Science & Mathematics.

Hrishikesh Joshi

President 2012-2013 | Class of 2013 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering), 18 (Mathematics)

Rish enjoys playing tennis, watching NFL games, biking, and working out in his free time.

Thiago Vieira

President 2011-2012 | Class of 2013 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering)

Thiago was a Computer Science and Physics Major at MIT. He enjoys taking vacations to Sao Paulo to visit the beautiful beaches and brush up on his Portuguese. He is a brother of Phi Beta Epsilon. and a former Traders@MIT Co-President.

Ted Hilk

President 2011-2012 | Class of 2013 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering), 18 (Mathematics)

As Traders@MIT Co-Presidents, Ted and Thiago implemented a project management system based on fluid "sub-groups" to expand the executive board and its operations while maintaining a flat and flexible organization.  Ted was a frequent lecturer for the spring "Introduction to Trading" class, played a key role in recruiting additional sponsors and writing new and enhanced trading cases for the Fall Intercollegiate Trading Competition, provided career advice and facilitated opportunities for newer board members, and actively shaped the long-term strategic priorities of Traders@MIT.  He interned with Weiss Asset Management, Tower Research Capital, and Tech Square Trading, spanning fundamental investment research, daily and intraday quantitative strategies, and high-frequency trading.  Less formally, he has also acted as a sounding board for a number of financial and software start-ups, held leadership roles in several other trading-oriented student groups, and developed a variety of longer-term quantitative investment strategies.  Ted is currently a quantitative trader at Chopper Trading in Chicago and welcomes contact from students interested in the industry.  He enjoys traveling, alpine skiing, and interesting conversations.

Yida Gao

Class of 2013 | 18C (Mathematics with Computer Science)

Yida is currently a senior majoring in math with computer science and double minoring in economics and finance. He pole vaults for the MIT varsity track & field team and is a proud member of the Phi Beta Epsilon fraternity on campus. Yida also conducts research under corporate finance professor Paul Asquith at the Sloan School of Management. After interning at McKinsey and JP Morgan, Yida will be pursuing a career in finance after graduation.

Dimitrij Petters

Class of 2013 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering)

Dmitrij loves building and designing things, such as this very site. He lived in Latvia until the age of 10 and speaks fluent Russian. Recently, he sold his first start-up, Umeqo, to Readyforce, which he now advises. His ambitions include getting his Masters of Engineering from MIT by end of 2013, learning Korean, and bringing other awesome ideas to fruition.

Di Wu

President 2010-2011 | Class of 2012 | 15 (Management), 18 (Mathematics)

Di enjoys learning about and experimenting with cooking, playing various video games, board games, and sports, and learning about whiskeys and wines. He also enjoys analyzing mundane problems using mathematics and economics in his spare time. For example, in the summer of 2010, he studied the game of Monopoly using Markov matrices to find optimal strategies to the game. During his time at MIT, he has worked in a wide range of financial firms, including Standard & Poor's, Weiss Asset Management, JP Morgan, and Gelber Group. Di is a brother and former social chair of Pi Lambda Phi fraternity and is now working at IMC Financial Markets in Chicago.

Kanjun Qiu

President 2009-2011 | Class of 2012 | 6-3 (Computer Science and Engineering)

Kanjun is working on her Master's in Computer Science at the MIT Media Lab, and she enjoys playing with statistics and machine learning. When procrastinating on work, she bakes artisan bread, sight-reads piano music, experiments with food, and spins sheep wool into yarn. More regularly, she trains actively in competitive ballroom dance, and enjoys frequent philosophical discussions with friends. Kanjun has worked primarily in algorithmic trading at a variety of firms, including Gelber Group, Allston Trading, J.P. Morgan, Jump Trading, and a satellite group that is now at Tower Research Capital. Kanjun's next adventure is at Dropbox, working in business operations, which combines data, technical ability, and business insight to quantitatively drive business decisions.

Jonathan Smith

Class of 2011 | 14 (Economics), 15 (Management)

As a member of Traders, Jonathan created the introductory trading seminar after being inspired by M.I.T. students' passion for trading and by the lack of trading education on campus. While an undergrad, Jonathan held various finance internships, ranging from a large investment bank (J.P. Morgan) to a quant-based proprietary trading firm (Infinium Capital Management), to writing over 50 equity research articles for Wikinvest, to clerking on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. Also while at M.I.T., Jonathan played linebacker for the varsity football team, became social chair of his fraternity, and performed research in Gibbs Sampling and Bayesian Networks. Jonathan currently works in the Fixed Income Trading Strategy group at J.P. Morgan in New York and welcomes visitors.

Elizabeth Kim

President 2008 | Class of 2010 | 14 (Economics), 15 (Management)

During Elizabeth's tenure as President of Traders@MIT in 2008, she established the annual Fall Intercollegiate Trading Competition which ultimately helped put Traders@MIT on the map for students and firms nationwide. She graduated in 2010 with majors in courses 14 and 15. She has done internships for NERA, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, and Jefferies. She is currently a business associate at the high frequency trading firm, Tradeworx.

Allison Lu

Class of 2009 | 14 (Economics), 15 (Management)

Allison co-founded Traders@MIT in 2008 as an organization focused on educating members about markets before they dove into the dizzying world of recruiting and internships. She graduated in 2009 with majors in courses 14 and 15. After having done internships at DRW, JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs, she accepted a full-time offer with the Goldman Sachs interest rates products trading group where she currently trades US Treasuries and Canadian government debt. Allison welcomes contact from any students interested in markets, trading, and GS.

Ellis Kim

Class of 2009 | 14 (Economics)

Ellis graduated from MIT in the class of 2009 with a degree in Economics. He currently works at Troubh Partners, a hedge fund in New York City, and previously worked at J.P. Morgan in the Mergers & Acquisitions group. His interests include investing and playing sports, especially basketball.

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